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Things are in perpetual motion in the Jay Sharp-i-verse. A city boy who might appear to be a sad man to some is legitimately happy and always in flux.

I am also in love, which usually keeps my sunny outlook on life even brighter, at least for a couple of months or so. until the perched bluebirds begin to take flight and shit on my purple house in the burbs. I simply cannot wait for these little monsters to come out next season and smash pumpkins on my front porch. I have a surprise for them, shredded up copies of Zeitgeist. It will repel them like sales and damage their still-developing lungs like asbestos… or anthrax… or Motley Crue…

Nick Cave at Prospect Park was awesome. I wish I could say that I played an awesome gig at the Bandshell, or even at Barclays in Brooklyn, but I can not.
Red Jen is still kinda a cunt, Martin looks like Lou Ferigno now and James’ hands never seem to stop shaking. I spent close to 700 dollars this weekend. It wasn’t all on booze, or blow, or cabs or in the name of JM’s birthday… I did some internet necessities.
Like 1 800 contacts and several hundred dollars worth of new clothing. Also ordered some shit from China but I’m not too proud of that…

Despite wearing a new purple button down shirt and a shiny silver Kenneth Cole watch, a co-worker said I looked homeless last week. goes to show you can’t please everybody.

I won tickets to see “dumb and dumber to”. JMG told me about it on my bday, Nat and I said we’d go w him when it opens and then I mysteriously win 4 passes to a screening tomorrow 4 entire months before the Thanksgiving release date. I am stoked but Nattys Godfather died last night so we’re giving her ticket to tamas. Showtime is at 5pm. Everyone is busy. WHAT WOULD HERR HOWARD DO?!

Tamas (from ‘Cereal Hero Killer’ non-fame) agreed to help engineer (I.e. Record vocals for my music in lieu of me recording my vocals on his music)
He’s very excited to have a mix-tape of his solo work on soundcloud. I sing two songs, Learnz raps on two and crazy old crank-calling, FAUX-bisexual, drug-addled, pathological-lying, Alex Diamonte raps and sings on two more. They’re all talented and the mixtape as a whole soundsgreat, but obviously my two are the best.

James and I are planning to track vocals to a Metric cover (I will be the chick from Metric, he will sing/speak Lou Reeds part.) he just doesn’t know it yet. Vocals to 3 tMjse songs and two band-formerly-known-as-scarfs songs will be sung after laughing at Jim carreys face for two hours tomorrow. I doubt I mentioned it to you when we were the band “the ass kittens” but in 2012 I was so obsessed w the metric album Synthetica, I not only began to cover every song I got Chris Gersbeck into it too (no small feat)
I was (and still kinda am) so nuts about the record, I decided to record it all w minimal guitar and by enlisting the help of my friend Brandon Edge in Texas who can get a drum machine to do things I didn’t know drum machines could do.
It was going to be the 3rd Elijah should record but now that a proper album (of all original songs) has been recorded w/ my very good friend Logan Hill playing live drums on 7 of the songs…. Elijah Shoulds version of Synthetica is now on the back back back back back back back burner.
(This still won’t stop me from urging jmg to take a stab at the Lou Reed duet w me tomorrow)
SO FOR NOW The proper follow-up to 2010’s “songs about girls” LP has not yet been released. It came out so much better than I had anticipated I want to wait to have it professionally mastered by the best monkeys my little money allows.

I have yet to review even a second of the ass kittens “open studio night”.
This was supposed to be our first and last show until our drummer shey moved to Japan.
3 gigs of digitized video, all saved on my HDD and uploaded as unlisted links on YouTube. James watched them all and said they came out surprisingly well.
JAMES has urged me to watch it all but I was really fucked up that night and am now (and have been since May) incredibly focused on finishing the records I have started ( tidewaterdeadfish and “second hand coke” among them too) that I told him” Maybe on a rainy day”, but more likely I will wait until James assembles a video/documentary/edit- that is, if I can ever find the time to send him the raw files.

Speaking of jmg, I owe him cash from nick cave, afghan Whigs and guided by voices ticket purchases. I have never seen those acts and GBV did not disappoint. If you haven’t, go. Trust us. DASHAN (RIP) James m graham, Brandon edge and Chris gersbeck have all been die-hard multiple-show attending fanatics and my only regret is not having listened to them sooner. (The advice. Not the band. I’ve always listened to gbv. The songs and records are all good…. But) the live show is a religious experience. Def in my top10 best shows. I can’t even put a smashing pumpkins gig I saw into my top 10 so think about how much that says.

I wonder what happened to Shey’s high school sweetheart axe. Did he get the money owed for it or did he have to “ax” to get it it back. Hat har har

I also went to see Witch last week. J mascis’ other band. If you don’t know, they’re kinda sludgy metal, they don’t like being called stoner rock (though they clearly are) and I suffered some permanent hearing loss in my left ear. Worth it.

Also, miraculously, patric has met up with me two Sundays in a row… TO… part the red sea??!! NO! to learn my new JSE songs.
Of the 8 new songs Archie tracked before moving to Italy, I only demoed 3 of them and I am realizing now that one of those 3 is going to have to be an alternate version. It sounds great but its just too fucking slow for this record. I mean it, this album is going to be “the one”. I even hired a dude to play violin on one of the tracks. It should be delivered By Friday.

But I digress,
So patric came in under the guise of prepping to record drums for 3 songs - which quickly turned into 5 (his decision)
And 6 the following week (again, his preference.) in addition to what we worked out the first weekanother old song was revived. ‘back in the vine’ was played in a way that I would have assumed to be painfully slow, but Patrics unique blend of over-playing, grooving, way-too-loud cymbal crashes and theatrics actually improved on the original vision of this 8- year old tune. Its still too slow for the record, but it’s too good not to record, so apparently Bsides are already starting to form a gang of their own.
“Glossolalia” was already rehearsed (w yani, and then later with nappy) and played (w/DARK MOON APACHE) at Webster hall. Patric also insists we recorded it for the Abandoned Pretentious Pretenses album We paid for. Nappy and Nicole broke up and then she didn’t wanna record the songs w us anymore. Not the first time I’ve let a girl stand in the way of my musical plans. I am sure it will happen again. Those 3 songs (one of them Nappy wrote solo and we adapted it to her voice) were half the reason we hired Bob Weir to record us in the first place.

Neither of us have yet to hear any of those recorded sessions by BW.
Patric insists we recorded GLOSS and I insist we didn’t. Who is going to be right? The cokehead or the drunk? Only time will tell.

Believe it or not I am on my phone, which is a pain in the ass to type on. So pardon my typos. A guy on the J train (yes, the J from the famous J-Z train lore) just shouted 3x into his phone “did you use the breast pump yet?” You gotta love New York.

Oh, I also rescued a baby kitten last night. It would have died. Another send-off to Cougarland. I saved its life. Not singlehandedly but w the help of 6 others (more on that and video later.)

Oh, I also filmed a naked cook show…

And to think Natalia doesn’t like it when people call me eccentric. Ha. Ha. Haa.


Smashing Pumpkins - Bye June
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Cupid De Locke (live in 1996)

The Smashing Pumpkins - Knuckles (Studio Outtake)
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Can you believe I never heard this? 

Right. Neither can I.

The Smashing Pumpkins - The End is the Beginning (Stuck In The Middle With Fluke) (by PlanetaZeroNet)

In 12 short hours I will be on my way!