My friend Neil predicted that Billy would do an album within an album,

For years I have felt that Neil, (and myself to a lesser extent) have been riding the cosmic rays of energy that Billy Corgan has used to create, and then bring his magnificent art into the mainstream. He was once on the pulse of America, which was then the pulse of the world- while that might not all be entirely true anymore, I follow his output, career, interviews, talks, writings and teachings as if he were a shaman or a wise old sage from another time. I eagerly await news and anything pertaining to Mister Corgan. I do this because I know he is right. Think about that last sentence, I “know”. What can you say that about? What magnificent instincts reside in you? It is a wonderful feeling to ‘know’. I have known so much in my life and looking back, as I creep along into adulthood, I find that my mother was wise well beyond her years and schooling and she has taught me the same knowing that she once had. Sadly, I feel she’s lost touch with her higher consciousness, and in effect, lost that bond with me, but that will be saved for another discussion another night.

Neil’s poems, ideas and sense of style have mirrored Billy’s in many ways. They have a similar way of communicating and expressing ideas. Sometimes right down to the very same words or imagery. Both men have artistic and personal matters that have resonated with me like none other— I have always felt them to be “working with the same stuff”. To make this even more poignant, I’d like to mention that I met Neil on the “O Board” @ Smashing Pumpkins.com in the year 2000. The same Smashing Pumpkins.com that featured my all acoustic cover/slideshow of ‘EYE’ and earned me my most hits on youtube ever. The numbers don’t mean a thing, they never do, but it made me proud and pride is something you can’t fuck with.

This post, is a tribute to him, my dear friend Neil.

I hope I can lead by example here, for if everyone took a small part of their day to appreciate what they have, and actively tried not to idolize (resistance) what the media suggests we should, the world would be a much free-er, open, smarter, happier and more culturally diverse place. I intend to create this ripple in my small puddle of the internet in hopes that it will grow into a wave of consciousness and that art can once again lead people to enlightenment as it clearly has in prior ages.

Art is resistance. 

Keep listening to and creating music, whomever artists or bands you like.

And please, for the love of God, share your music with me :-)